Types of women to avoid dating

Especially these days, when finding a woman of this type is kind of difficult, don’t be ashamed if you are one.What’s more, acting shy or seeming not to have a lot of sexual knowledge will make many men go crazy about you.

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Although, it may seem selfish, it is an honest effort to avoid hurting anyone.

She insists he give and give with little or no reciprocity; after all, he's the The Man and she's his prize.

The 18 year old dates, but she doesn't have relationships because "she doesn't want the men who want her, and the men she wants don't want her." She doesn't know what will make her happy, and hasn't yet learned how to communicate and relate to grownup men.

Most of them enjoy acting as teachers, so you might want to allow them too, there’s nothing to lose… The action woman Yeah, they like the Lara Croft type, you know it already. Something as simple as a bike ride, for example, is a good way to win his admiration. The spoiled type They like women that look spoiled, or like to spoil themselves, but do not exaggerate, because being spoiled has 2 faces: while spoiling yourself in bed at night or with a new bag and a massage is great, spending all your money, or worse HIS money, on shoes is not attractive anymore. The confident lady There’s nothing sexier in a man’s eyes than a woman who is sure of her qualities, likes her own body, knows what she wants and has an accomplished career to boost her confidence.

If you like climbing, if you know how to ride a horse, if you save your cat from trees on a regular basis, or if you are the sportive type, then you might want to show off. However, do ask for his help from time to time; showing him that you sometimes need him does wonders for his self respect and will make him feel comfortable when in need to ask for your help. The motherly sweetheart Men like women to act motherly; it is because most of them are “big babies” and they are used to be taken care of – their mothers did that for a long while, in most cases.


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