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He trains her hard and makes her the boxing champion. Victory Venkatesh had acted excellently with more power and thick beard.

He had acted amazingly and had proved his individuality.

Along with this information, Manveer also said that he got separated from his wife within six months of his marriage and also has a daughter.

In a video posted by Manveer Gurajar on his Instagram profile, Manveer says, "People have been questioning a lot, so let me make it clear that my wedding had nothing to do with the show.

Though he arrives at a later stage he managed to grab attention in a big way. Samantha has put on few kilos which has upped her sex appeal and oomph factor. Harish Shankar has succeeded in showcasing NTR in a way that fans have been waiting to see since ages.

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Harish Shankar who is known for presenting movies in lighter vein starts off Ramayya Vasthavayya in a breezy manner, promising good entertainment. Almost like 2 different movies as the second part shows past events that shows you why NTR is getting revenge.

Ramayya Vasthavayya is a stylish mass entertainer that showcases all of NTR s abilities very well. It is a great movie all around that you will want to watch more than once.

People who thought that I hid my marriage because of the show, then it is not true.

My terms have not been good, as you can call it emotional blackmail or say that I was under a lot of pressure." "I got married in 2014 and stayed together for 5-6 months.


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