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Miss Junk-N-The-Trunk was the nickname of a girl which Kenny, new dentist boyfriend of Dee Baxter, meets and dances and parties with in the episode titled "Dee's Dee-Lemma" in Season 4 of The Wayans Bros.

the part of Miss Junk-N-The Trunk is played by actress Tanika Ray.

"I am a total, utter design geek," Ray says, describing how her latest project and passion came to pass, when she was brought in by HGTV to host its reality competition "Design Star" and makeover show "HGTV'd." Although interviewing celebrities gave her close proximity to many creative types, Ray says she knew she needed to do something more creative herself one day.

Preparation met opportunity when a former colleague became an executive at HGTV and called on her to pursue the passion for design that he remembered from years prior.

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Due to large popularity of Payton's character with audiences, the character was spun off to its own show, Family Matters.Her friend circle consists of entertainment host Tanika Ray, “Access Hollywood Live” correspondent and host of “Love & Hip-Hop” reunions Nina Parker, Kelly Rowland, who is playing an anchor, and Brely Evans, who plays Nichelle.The ladies talk about everything from prenups, marriage and sex.My walls had magazine pictures all over them, I painted my phone with nail polish.Because I was confined to my bedroom, I think that I was really able to dream big and design out loud, if you will." Designing out loud is not only a motto that Ray has adopted for her forthcoming blog and novice design projects, it's also the way she lives her life, she says, which has meant ditching unfulfilling jobs and opening up a space for opportunities like the one she says recently fell into her lap.Kenny, who had been dating Dee for a few weeks, was too romantically shy to let his feelings about her get to the next level, meaning intimately physical, so Shawn and Marlon, figuring that he was too uptight and too wrapped up in his dental work, try to get him to loosen up and be more bold with women, in particularly Dee, by taking him to a dance club, where he gets drunk on too many "Sex On A Beach" mixed drinks and starts partying wildly, dancing with a girl he met at the club, which he, having had to many drinks, labels "Miss Junk-N-The-Trunk"!


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