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According to Paradox, players expressed frustration with the way Fabricate Claim currently works, so the studio is coming up with a different way to get on war footing.

We’re going to deemphasize the “Fabricate Claim” job by giving all playable entities (including Christians) a form of “Unjustified War” Casus Belli that will allow you to seize a single County for an upfront cost of Piety, Prestige or Gold.

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- (the 'driver') is fairly simple and only makes the necessary calls.

Not by predetermined common interests, mutual friends and travel destinations that prevail in one of many curated profile pictures online.

For the time being, the only fonts providing these special symbols have been: - the AMS fonts msbm (older version msym), which are intended for use with Times and aren't truly what a mathematician expects (the stress is on both stems instead of being on only the left one).

- Alan Jeffrey's bbold fonts, which are sans-serif ones, with (almost) no possibility of design variations for, say, a bold variant.

- (based on romanl.mf): programs for lowercase letters.

- (based on and punct.mf): programs for the digits~1 and~2 and for parentheses and brackets.


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