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That being said, since women do love to talk, there are some things you should never say to your man.[Read More...]Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, and couples who are ready to have some hot, sexy fun just can't get enough creative ideas to get their juices flowing!

It doesn't even matter whether you have an average, below average or above average-sized penis.[Read More...]Intimate touching is more than just humping until you are done.

You need to explore a woman’s body and find out which spots are most susceptible to kissing, licking and fondling.

With our dating site you can: I think you get the idea.

“One moment you are flirting back and forth after a handful of dates, the next you are checking your phone incessantly, bewildered at why this person you had a connection with has so abruptly dropped off the face of the earth.” Slow Fade Similar to ghosting, this is a more drawn-out version, “where someone you are chatting to or seeing gradually cuts you off, making less and less effort with being in touch.” Thirst Trap This term is most commonly used to describe a social media photo that's posted to intentionally create attention.

For example, if a person was to caption an image "I love my new watch", but the photo is zoomed in on their half-naked body, that would be considered a thirst trap. It’s a term that refers to the winter months where people who are usually happily single seek out a committed relationship.

In fact we don't even have a credit card payment system.

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It makes her feel sexier and stronger than she did in her marriage and she thinks it might be one of the reasons their sex life is still so hot.

Click over to learn from our friends at Dogster how you can help! (POPSUGAR Love & Sex)This teen girl was arrested for having a loaded gun ... (Huffington Post Weird News)You're bound to relate to at least one of these: the 16 most awkward things that happen when you're binge dating. Here are five justifications for your Starbucks addiction!

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Ghosting While this term is relatively new, the act of ghosting existed long before the dawn of online dating. Ghosting occurs when someone you’re dating suddenly stops making any contact, giving no signs at all that they’re no longer interested.

It’s usually a result of them being too afraid to tell you they don’t want to take things any further.


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