Raymond lam dating 2016

After being named TVB Most Improved Actor in 2004 for his role in Twin of Brothers, he was voted Super Idol by TVB weekly and My Favourite TV character in Astro Wah Lai Toi TV Awards in 2005.His superb dancing enabled him to break into the music scene.” Denying that she had been spending her boyfriend’s money, Karena said, “I have been working very hard and nobody notices it.

Raymond Lam (born December 8, 1979) is a Hong Kong actor and singer. Raymond Lam has been dating with Karema Ng since 2012. So it seemed he didn’t want to marry yet, wanted to enjoy dating with girlfriend.Lam’s favour, but was unable to change his father’s mind.He reportedly maintained his distance from Karena and even refused to take photographs with the actress when approached.In a last attempt to get Raymond to come home, Lam Wah Kwok allowed Karena to date his son, and agreed to the proposed marriage plans.Unfortunately, the couple’s relationship had also met with disapproval from other members of the Lam family.Starting out as a dancer, Ron is best known for his role in The Academy series.


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