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Obviously, there are exceptions to this rule even in Europe, but I’m talking about the general standards. Not because she can’t afford to pay for herself, but because she allows him to take care of her and that, in turn, makes him feel more like a man.2) Why is paying on the first date such a taboo in Canada? 3) I’m going to make a lot of feminists unhappy with this point – traditional roles of a man and a woman is what we all need to stick to.In France, our distinguished men seem to have The power.Maybe this is where their “player” reputation comes from.Whereas French girls prefer young, slim and dynamic businessmen.

They are very hard working, spending long hours at the office or over time to get the job done. MTL Blog Writer and PR Genius, Rebecca Perez calls herself a qualitative story teller, because everything she writes about, she's experienced. If you want to know more, keep reading and follow @rebeccaiperez on Instagram!

They know what they want and they do not lose their time with small talk.

They go straight to the point with the man they want and do whatever they can to catch the guy they have eye contact with.

There is no way a man will let you carry stuff in Europe.

He’d rather make two trips than have you help him carry things. Men in Canada get offended if you don’t offer to split the bill on the first date? In Europe, it is common sense that a man pays for the woman.


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