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You’ll find universal apps in the Store by going to .

It is worth noting that the Store has more than just apps.

The company bent this rule when it began packaging Windows 10 updates as single-shot cumulative downloads, and now it’s apparently breaking it altogether.

We also expect the Sequoia to receive an updated interior, which, unlike the Tundra, has not been updated since the SUV was released nearly 10 years ago.

We’re not sure what other updates Toyota has in mind for its fullsize pickup and SUV, though we sure would appreciate updated powertrains.

For example, universal apps now open on the desktop just like any other program. You needed a utility like Stardock’s Modern Mix to get them to behave like they do now.

If you do have touch-capable Windows 10 device, the universal apps are just as touch-friendly and as they were in Windows 8.1.


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