Metal dating

If you purchased an item from us and within 24 hours, you find it cheaper at another retailer, not only will we match that price, but we will beat it by another 10% off.Handcrafted Excellence - Our products are handcrafted by skilled artisans.If you have problems on here just ask away and someone will help you. User's from around the world are telling us how the CTX 3030 has been finding coins in places that they thought they had "beat to death" with their previous detectors.Join the CTX 3030 users on this forum and get a better understanding of how to maximize the potential of this new detector.It is far more than just a waterproof version of the ETRAC or Explorer.RSSA discussion forum for an excellent FBS detector from Minelab.

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We have treasure equipment and machines for relic hunting, gold prospecting, coin shooting, beach hunting for jewelry or Spanish shipwreck coins, gold or booty, shallow water hunting and more. All are excellent for searching Revolutionary war, Civil War, battlefields, campsites, old forts, ghost towns, early settlers ranches and plantations, Indian war sites, historic grounds, and even colonial cellar holes.

We all deeply thank those of you, our customers, for being our loyal saw cutting-manufacturing partners .

Today, with over 20,000 plus Kalamazoo bandsaws working in the field, our entire team recognizes and appreciates the repeat Kalamazoo Saw business you have given us.

We begin with the highest-quality materials for our steel and aluminum designs, and fabricate poles and supports that meet your specifications and exceed your expectations for street lighting and a number of other applications, including: Traffic Control | Architectural Area Lighting | High Mast Lighting | Sports and Stadium Lighting | Cellular Towers and Telecommunication | Poles | Custom Structures | Catenary / Light Rail | Distribution In addition to an extensive catalog of light and traffic pole designs, Union Metal also provides innovative custom capabilities.

Our full range of stock and custom products has provided unique and lasting street lighting for large and small cities for over a century.


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