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Their “How to Build a Forest” — billed as “part visual art installation and part theater” — premiered at The Kitchen in NYC in 2011.The piece invited audiences to witness the construction and dismantling of an artificial forest over the course of an eight-hour performance.They get their name from the red, saddle-like stripe behind their pectoral (side) fins.

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The City is soliciting vendor applications for their upcoming 2017 Buckley Summer Series.Its endowment is about 25 percent larger than the University of Pennsylvania's and surpasses all but a half dozen of the country's best-endowed colleges.But few know about this rich school on Homestead Lane that has a one-of-a-kind dilemma: how to spend a .5 billion fortune on at-risk children in an isolated campus in central Pennsylvania?Theater-makers Katie Pearl and Lisa D’Amour — the duo behind the performance umbrella Pearl Damour — first met in 1996 in Austin, Texas, where Pearl was the resident director at Physical Plant Theater and D’Amour was finishing her MFA.They shared an interest in site-specificity in art.Behind the fish’s prominent lips are canine teeth used to pluck food from reefs.


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