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Give me a call and we will discuss a trip to the Catt.

May 18, 2017: Well I hope you folks had a good Mothers Day, and you got to spend some time with your family.. Yesterday was a great day to fish, but I had doctors appointment in the AM and it was too damn hot to go when I got back. It has been good for numbers, but big fish are still spotty.. The alligator gar are getting more active, and some big ones have been taken lately. Long as all goes as planned we'll be scattering out some good brood stock to a lot of areas of the lake. What's the one thing that a biologist will tell you when you are trying to grow big fish in a pond, or small lake? And I was/am chomping at the bit to receive 1000 to 1200 cormorant proof (for the most part) fish for Falcon. And a few end up eaten by anglers, and killed by anglers with poor live well etiquette.. But the odds are that a very good number of SL bred fish, that have made it past the most dangerous period of their entire existence, are going to be put into Falcon. This event will take place on Friday, May 12th, around noon.. But let's just say that this month has been a windy son of a gun.. And it was blowing more than anyone in their right mind would want it to.. I have seen pics of a couple tens this last week and heard of a bunch of fours and fives. And some were visited by the Mexican game warden on Saturday. But if you are fishing on the Mexican side you might want to take into consideration that they are in the area this week. Like I said, they are most always around on Easter weekend. I'd also stop all payments of financial aid to the middle east, and any country that sponsors terrorism.. If they blew up, bombed, or attacked any American interests, I level their world.. I would immediately suspend all deep space adventures.. Last weekend there was a tournament that was HQ'd out of Guerrero, across the lake near the mouth of the Salanaias. You get around some fish, chances are you are gonna catch some.. It is not at all unusual to hook a couple a day if you throw a squarebill much. Hopefully enough to keep the gates closed for a while at the dam. We have had a lot of fishermen in town, and folks are here from all over the country. A big billed bait has produced some fish for several people we have talked to this week.. But I am sure that irrigation draws are bound to start up again before too long.. The first real rain of any kind we have had in months.. If you were here fishing but not fishing the tourney, I am sure you noticed the lake traffic a little higher than than our norm, even for February, which is invariably our busiest month.. Those fish are on the beds in a lot of areas, and we heard all kinds of stories about the ones that got off, broke off, jumped off, flopped off, and just pretty much kicked the anglers asses.. And if you have fished Falcon much in the spring, I guarantee it has happened to you.. And while I think my hand is getting better, I am still a loooong way from fishing.. These fellers that were here last week threw the entire play book at em, as they left no peg unplucked, and kept us looking for what we might consider something too small or obscure. Why do we need more bridges if you are going to sneak/swim across the river somewhere else anyway? I also saw a commercial the other day, that said if I had this flashlight, I won't need a gun.. And I'd like to thank them for kicking our ass for the last five days.. It has been our pleasure talking with all of you, and thanks for choosing Zapata and Falcon Lake for your state tourney. I have not been writing much, and typing is still difficult.. We are still a good ways from that, but there is no way that all the water that left Falcon and Sugar was used beneficially this year. Due to the low and dropping water level, fishing here has been awesome. A few months ago we had a lot of fish up in the cover, that were un-assailable. Because unlike some, my memory is longer than my dick. And I promise, once we get it., I'll quit bitching for a while.. I have seen wind spells around here like this before, but it has certainly been awhile. When this big high pressure sits on us like a cluck hen, we are in for some heat.. But the only thing that they have in common is that they'll both break your heart.. As you can see from the picture, the water in the river is all riled up and the visibility in it is about as long as a grasshopper dick.. Of course down lake in open water, the water color is good.. Put on your galoshes and make sure your bilge pumps are in good working order.. And getting the handle off rarely gets you to the root of the problem..

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In addition to our guided Ohio and Pennsylvania trips we offer a select number of trips each Fall to Western, NY and the Cattaraugus Creek.

Steel headers often refer to the Catt as the "Crown Jewel" of our Great Lakes tributaries. It is a beautiful stream and the early fall fishing is great.

We have been getting spotty rain every few days, which has been staining up the rivers enough to keep the fish coming back to play.

We have more rain coming on Monday, which is just fine.


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