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Man Shopping is exclusively on the Lisa Raye app available on Google Play or the Apple App Store. Search for Lisa Raye in App Store or Google Play today!#onlinedating #manshopping Right now go & download Lisa Raye App!In 2003, Mc Coy starred as Neesee James in the UPN/ CW sitcom All of Us, where she played Duane Martin's ex-wife. Mc Coy began her career as a model for fashion, but before that she was married to Archie Amerson.She did shows in churches and high schools in her native Chicago.Todd Tucker net worth: Todd Tucker is an American production manager and line producer who has a net worth of 0 thousand dollars.Based in Atlanta, Todd Tucker has been working in the film and television industry for years, primarily as a production manager for documentaries and television programs.all of them wish they could have gotten these goodies."Brat insists her goodies were never gotten. some of her famous friends reached out during her time -- "Jermaine Dupri sent me the most money ... "Lisa Raye, Katt Williams, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon also helped her out.Brat is currently on house arrest for the next 3 to 6 months -- but tells us the first thing she plans on doing when she can leave her home is "making it rain at a club."Priorities.

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though she insists everyone wanted a shot at her "goodies."Da Brat -- who last week completed a three year prison stint for attacking a waitress with a bottle in 2007 -- tells us, "Every female in prison wanted me ...

Mc Coy made her acting debut as the lead in Reasons, an independent film directed by Monty Ross Mc Coy is perhaps best known for her role as Diamond in The Players Club, directed and written by Ice Cube.

She also appeared in The Wood, opposite Omar Epps, Rhapsody, All About You, and Go for Broke.

For every person that didn’t understand, there was double that did.

XXL: Were you able to visit Da Brat while she was behind bars? Lisa Raye: I took the cameras up to visit my sister during the first season [of .] They wouldn’t allow me to bring the cameras inside, but yes I had to come visit her because when you’re locked up you have to be in touch with the outside world.


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