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Spend a few weeks in China and you’ll undoubtably notice that there is a very large amount of white males dating asian females.

While the reverse does exist (just check out Ruth at China Elevator Stories), it is a rare sighting.

As a person who has pretty much exclusively dated people who are not American, I always find international couples interesting.

Most of my male friends in China have dated or are currently dating a Chinese girl, and while a few have developed serious relationships, most find the cultural differences too taxing to invest in a committed long-term relationship.

During this period, the importance of getting married was far more than that a person found his better half.

For the male side, it determined the prosperity and even the future fame of their family; while for the female side, it meant that parents lost the chance of seeing their daughter for a long time.

At the edge of a pool on the tropical island of Hainan, in southern China, a young woman in a frilly fuchsia bikini is poised, ready to jump.

Beneath her a group of pasty middle-aged men are waiting to catch her.

If a boy's family was well-off or an official family, his parents would never permit him to marry a girl from a poor family.In feudal society, a marriage would be decided not by a young couple's love, but by their parents' desires.Only after a matchmaker's introduction and when parents considered the two family conditions were similar and could be matched, would the marriage procedures go forward.“‘The law was introduced in order to promote social harmony,' commented one of the People’s Courts legislators.'We need to ensure there are enough Chinese women available for marriage; otherwise there is a high probability of increased levels of rape and other violence.’” In April, the Deseret News reported that Chinese couples who obeyed the one-child policy are lashing out now that it has been abandoned and couples are being allowed a second child.They met in 2011 when Fernandez took a job in Shanghai.


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