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All food workers are required to have a valid Washington State Food Worker Card within 14 days of employment. The State of Washington does not accept food worker cards from other states; but cards issued by other counties in Washington State are valid.If you plan to serve food in the State of Washington, you must get a card in Washington.(See Fraud)Rate survey: Average card APR dips to 15.79 percent -- Rate report template ...(See Rates)Fed: banks ease grip modestly on cards in first quarter of 2017 -- Banks eased credit standards somewhat for credit card applicants in the first quarter, according to the survey of senior loan officers ...Effective July 1, 1999, all renewal cards are issued for 3 years EXCEPT if the applicant can provide proof of taking "additional food safety training" within the past two years.

All food workers must attend a training class and pass a Washington State test.

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The Food Worker Card is required in Washington State for people that serve unwrapped or certain other foods to the public.


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