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“Because its makeup varies so widely, studying Spice is a challenge,” said Dr. “Essentially, if you use it, you’re experimenting on yourself.” That experimentation could result in other life-threatening health complications.

According to a recent news story out of Wyoming, three young people were hospitalized with kidney failure from using blueberry-flavored Spice. Everyone affected was in their late teens or early 20s.

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Even though it’s illegal in the United States, Spice is still available in some truck stops and other places that market it as incense. Huestis said this is because manufacturers are constantly changing the ingredients to attempt to get around the bans. You might buy a package one week, go back to the same place and buy the exact same package the next week, and the ingredients may be completely different. D., what she wants to tell young people about the synthetic (manmade) marijuana called Spice, and she responds with passion. Huestis shared a news story about teens in Dallas who went to the ER with chest pains, only to learn that they had had heart attacks. “Using Spice is very dangerous because the chemicals and compounds that are in it vary from batch to batch.Read on as Andrew Goldfarb, Kallie Plagge, Miranda Sanchez, and Jose Otero share their experiences in the Pokemon Go Field Test.From the moment I started Pokemon Blue roughly 18 years ago on the Game Boy, I was hooked by the collection aspect of this series.Pokemon Go, the augmented reality game that’s coming to smartphones, sets up some awesome possibilities if you’ve ever been a fan of the series: Imagine walking home and discovering a Pikachu or a Snorlax hiding right in your neighborhood.


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